Dream Forever


I had a dream that I was trapped in a creepy old house where two serial killers lived. One was super big and burly, and the other was muscular but a lot shorter and thinner. I ended up alone with the smaller guy in a closet as he was doing something so I tried to seduce him because I didn't want to die. It seemed like it was working at first, but then he got in close and slit my throat and stomach. I woke up in another part of the house, and every time I died I would wake up in the house again and have to run or hide from the killers.


I had a dream about Jason Voorhees but it was weird. I was in a large science facility dorm area, and we had these five people who were sort of like superheroes that were higher up in the rankings and protected the scientists along with everyone else in the building. I wasn't any of those five people in the dream, or the four people whose bunk dorms the dream focused on in the beginning, but one room housed a guy named jimmy and his friend whose name I can't remember.

I found myself wandering near the facilitys entrance where all the visitors and security guards are, with some lab coats wandering around, when suddenly i hear a commotion at the main entrance and people start screaming.Then gunshots start and after some dying screams the gunshots stop, but theres still screaming around and the sounds of people running. So to see what s going on I run into the check-in room on the side of the entrance that houses big glass windows to separate the room rather than a wall. And then jason just smashes right through one of the big glass windows, so the desk people start sreaming and more people start running. I think "Oh shit its Jason", because in this universe we all know who he is somehow.

So from there i ran away and deeper into the facility yelling at everyone I could to "RUN" and warning everyone that he was coming. I ran through the dorms, and then made my way past the labs to the facilities large factory. After reaching the factory room I told all the factory workers to "Stop working! you have to run, NOW!". There was a large lab in the back as well where the facility did all the main testing of dangerous mutations and chemicals, but by then jason had already reached the control room and smashed everything-- so it was too toxic for humans to enter.

To see if there was anyone left back there, one of the lab coats and I sent a big robotic remote controlled machine into the back lab to test the geiger levels and assess damage. I got to control the machines pov in the dream, so slowly i crept down the hallways to the entrance to the lab. As I did, the geiger counter kept raising and raising. Right as I neared the entrance to the lab's main area the machine kept beeping to alert that this was extremely fatal levels of toxic chemicals for organics. I didnt end up moving into the full lab area, because all I could hear was beeping and I couldn't see any people. At the entrance, thought, there was a test tube with a fetus sample that was extremely mutated, swollen, cracked, and sort of glowing with the toxic chemicals in the air around. We pulled the machine back, and determined that the back lab unsafe and that there would be no possible survivors.

Meanwhile, the five guardians gathered everyone they could into this huge empty presentation room, so I made my way there. But then, Jason finally reached us all and kicked in the doors. For some reason he had the personality of deadpool, so he spoke and gave us all in the room a presentation about how he was going to kill us all. That was about when the dream ended.


I dreamt about... nothing. wow.

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