It's okay if you're too sad to do anything today.

I brought crepes, and if you want I can hold your hand until you sleep.

You may not remember now, but I think it's important to tell you. I have known you once as a friend. And I will watch the stars always because i look forward to seeing you again...

This story is about a child who went to sail the ocean. The boat traveled for a long time through stormy waters and calm, sunny seas. The child landed occasionally, staying only for a few days at a time on islands before taking off again. After a long journey, the boat approached the end of the world. Beyond the advancing horizon, the waters spilled out into the endless space. The young adventurer peered over the edge with great fear before their skip plunged over the edge of the planet and into the vast darkness.

The boat heaved and rocked, carried on relentlessly by the water as it rushed through the heavens. The young seafarer rowed anxiously to avoid stray debris, narrowly avoiding collision after collision. Finally, the water slowed, and the adventurer gazed over the edge at the stars below. The boat sailed leisurely on the space river through the galaxy far beyond. The young adventurer admired the star-dotted heavens above and below with great satisfaction. This was home.


Life's tough.

But you're tougher!!!

I feel like I'm becoming smaller and smaller. I want to be selfish and say, please look at me again. But my voice may be too small to hear.

You don't need to be very big to be very important.

This story is about a forest. This forest has trees that grow stars. Oh! It's so pretty. In this forest was a small village. The people climbed the trees to pluck the ripe stars from the tree branches at night, planting their gardens with these seeds by morning. But one year, a careless traveler dropped a torch in the night, setting the forest ablaze. The villagers escaped, but their homes and stars were left to ashes after several days of burning.

A child among them, upset by the catastrophe, set out across the scarred landscape alone. For a long time they saw only the blackened corpses of the trees, twisted in agony. But after a few days they came to the edge of the burnt ruins, finding a meadow. The meadow turned into short growth which soon grew into another forest. The young adventurer had never seen suck a dark forest before. However, they continued on anxiously. The trees pressed in closer, became thicker, towered higher.

It had become so dense that the adventurer had no choice but to climb.They ascended carefully through the web of branches, scaling twisted limbs. These trees reached higher than even the star forest, and soon the adventurer realized that the canopy was nestled in the lower rings of the heavens. Poking their head out, the avdenturer saw the hilly tops of the trees into the long distance. Not too far above, stars hung. They reached out and began to carefully pull them into their bag. Five... Ten... Twenty... The young traveler filled their pack and soon began their descent.

The journey back was faster, lighter, and the adventurer arrived home, surrounded by curious villagers. The child opened their pack and the villagers, elated, scattered the new stars into the soil. In a few years the star forest began to grow again, and the young adventurer was greatly celebrated in the village.

It's pretty dark out here.

But you're going to be so bright. I hope I can meet you again one day at your brightest.

Don't die!

The sky will be so dark without you...

Robots don't cry.

They'd get all rusty and break and then I'd have to fix them.

But people cry.

They get all rusty and break and sometimes it's hard for them to fix themselves.

Don't worry though!

I'll teach you how to fix yourself. Because one day we won't be around to fix you anymore.

Are robots scared of dying?

This story is about a child who climbs a mountain. The child lived in a small village at the base of the mountain and often liked to stargaze at night. One day, the youth decided to go to the nearest moon and collect stars. They packed all evening and set out in the morning to climb the mountain. The journey was fairly easy at first. The young adventurer climbed the foothills and began to follow the winding trails up the side of the mountain. By night however, the path was becoming steep and at times the child feared falling over the edge.

Swallowing fear, they looked to the stars and followed them until finally they reached the top. The child had never seen so far in their life before, the vast land stretching far, far away until it was lost in the horizon. Above, the plump moon hung from the sky, bright and inviting. Climbing a tree, the child jumped with all their might onto the moon. The child was surprised, however, to find another child there already. The child's skin was ghastly white so that it was hard to see them against the moon's light.

The ghostly child was reaching up into the sky and plucking stars and then arranging them in a bright garden that gave the moon its light. The young adventurer admired the bright garden and offered to help. The moon inhabitant accepted, happy to have a friend who appreciated and could share their work. Together they continued to tend the moon garden for many years, content to wait for the next generation of celestial gardeners for relief.

Southern trees bear a strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swingin' in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hangin' from the poplar trees

Pastoral scene of the gallant South
The bulgin' eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burnin' flesh

Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
For the sun to rot, for the tree to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop

I've scrubbed this skin for years.

The marks still won't come out.

Or maybe they have but only I can see them.

I swallowed a rock yesterday.

I've had this sinking feeling inside me since then.

Aren't the stars beautiful?

I guess you would know because you are one...

It's okay to be scared.
Everyone you meet is scared, if even only a little bit.

Plants can get stepped on really easily.

But you can grow through so many things tougher than you!!

The ground here has waited thousands of years for you.

You may be sad but you are